Vyzex Venom 1.2 Officially Released

An official update release of Vyzex Venom is now available from the Vyzor support forum:


This version is recommended to anyone running versions 1.06 (which came on the CD), 1.11 (available from the M-Audio Website) or the private access version 1.17 which was available through the Venom pre-release forum in 2012.

All the details are available at the link.

Happy downloading!


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As the title says, welcome to the first and best website dedicated to the amazing Venom Synth!

This site was put together by a selection of Venom fans who have been lucky enough to see this brilliant new synth go from basic concepts to the glossy white, sharp-edged reality it is today. As such, we know how the Venom Synth is an extremely musical synthesizer. We're also taken with Venom's aggresively modern sonic character and the powerhouse expressiveness that comes with it. Venom is also a blast to play, as you'll see for yourself when you get your hands on one!

So, when Psicraft Designs (the makers of the Vyzex Venom software) gave us the opportunity to get the word out as managers of their online Vyzex Vault website, we jumped at it. Rather than being just an online patch database, we aim to see this site grow into a fully fledged user community resource for all Venom Synth users, including discussion forums, gig images plus videos, and all manner of Venom fun - From sound design tutorials to wild features like a custom skins designer to get your Venom looking as unique as it sounds.

All the best - Venomatrix